Sunday, September 28, 2008

School Begins but the Gaming does not End...Yet.

And so it begins. Another School quarter with another school year with another school degree. I started my MA program with the National Security Studies program at CSUSB. I am extremely excited yet very worried about the courses and what is expected of me. Will I understand the content explained to me? Will I Finish all the reading requested of me? Will I attain the 4.0 gpa I so desire? I sure hope so. With the competition found in employment today it is impossible to say for sure that I will be better qualified and more experienced than the resume next to mine. Nevertheless it is my duty to take into my own hands my fate. It is my responsibility to prioritize and manage my time in order to attain the goal within my reach. I have the perfect dead end job wherin I can dedicate time to study while getting paid. I have a wonderfully supportive wife who understands and will even participate in the sacrifice a goal like an MA will require. I will periodically post my analysi along with any other essays required of me for the benifite of those lucky enough to accidently find a related word to a random search on Google.

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